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Pencil Drawings ~ Wildlife and Western Art

Welcome to Barb Schacher Fine Art!


Barb Schacher, Western and Wildlife Artist

Wildlife Drawings, Wildlife Art Prints, Western Drawings, Western Art Prints, and Commissions


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“Horses, wildlife and drawing have been a huge part of my life from a very early age.  When I was barely old enough to ride a horse alone and hold a pencil, I was either riding horses (ponies in the beginning) or drawing them… when the weather was too cold or harsh outside to ride. 

Once I became an adult, and for many years thereafter, life kept me too darn busy doing other things to spend time riding or drawing… unfortunately :(  

In recent years, though… though I still don’t have a horse to ride… I’ve “made time” to draw!  Drawing and gardening are my “escapes”… 

…I can spend hours doing either and all the problems of the world just fade away!”

Barb Schacher 


My Pencil Drawing Subjects Include:


Horses, Western Art, Bears, Cougars, Deer, Elk, Moose, Wolves and More!


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Wolf 001…..Originals Available…..Prints Available….Commissioned Art…..Travel Mugs, Calendars, Greetings Cards, T-Shirts and More!


Please feel free to browse through the portfolios and the various categories of pencil drawings, from wildlife drawings to horse drawings to pet portraits and more.

While I specialize in horse and wildlife drawings, for the most part, I also do a few commission drawings when time allows…

Thank you for visiting my site…  I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my artwork while you’re here!


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Barb Schacher